About Me

I’m a software engineer with a passion for making cool stuff that solves problems. Cool stuff doesn’t necessarily mean software.

Sometimes it’s software, sometimes it’s hardware, sometimes it’s a bit of both and sometimes it’s made of wood.

I’ve decided to start writing this in case some of my projects are interesting to people. Coming up will be write-ups on my in-dash Nexus 7 installation, my home automation system (it controls our heat pump and a few other things), and maybe a few little apps…

2 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Hi Pradip,

      If you like, you can email me (george@dewar.co.nz). I don’t have time to write an extremely detailed how-to, but you could get an Arduino and try to get something going with the code I have on Github, and I’ll help if you run into any problems. You could start by trying to test the individual components (LCD, temperature sensor, wireless switch, etc) using simpler code before trying to make the whole system work together.

      You’ll likely need to make adaptions if you end up with slightly different hardware (different display, different temperature sensor, different wireless switches, etc).

      You might prefer to add some buttons to control it, rather than using an infrared remote control.



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